Friday, October 10, 2008

Faith Based Pages

I enjoy encouraging others to put their faith on their scrapbook pages. To me, it seems pretty straight-forward: if faith is a part of your day-to-day life then it ought to be showing up in your scrapbook pages fairly regularly - afterall we scrap to leave a legacy, don't we? It's been a joy these past few years to see others as they have their own 'ah-ha' moment regarding faith based pages. From time to time I plan to share one of my own FBP and give a little instruction on how I created it -

  1. Use coordinated pattern paper - large dots as the base of the page.
  2. Trim Green patterned paper to apx. 10x10 , round corners and place on page as shown - with wider margin to the right.
  3. Trim pink paper to apx 9.5x9.5, ound corners, & place as shown with wider margin to the left.
  4. Trim lined patterned paper to apx 7 x7 and place in upper left corner. Journal on this.
  5. Trim and round corners of photos, place on layout as shown. four photos were used in this layout, but you can easily change to fit in the photos you want.
  6. Add rub-on "believe' over journaling.
  7. Print verse [Isaiah 52:7,"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news, who tell of saving power, who say, 'Our God reigns."] on label maker with clear tape. Adhere to bottom of pink paper.
  8. Print date and adhere to large pink brad. Place brad inthe upper left corner of journaling.

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