Saturday, September 6, 2008

Waaaaaaar Eagle!

While I'm not a graduate of AU [their social work program was just beginning and not accredited when I transferred to a school closer to home, so I didn't want to chance it] and I don't particularly looove football - I really did enjoy being with our guys this weekend - and the game was fun too! [We were part of the 87,000+ people there to be a part.] So neat to see the eagle fly [I know it has a name, but am just not sure - and they flew the bald eagle this week instead of the golden - really pretty!] We left the game a little early and were back at the apartment before the rain started - whew! A fun couple of days - Matt has shaved his hair OFF and Drew still has his mohawk - we should've had him turn his head a bit - but I'll post more photos later in the week -

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