Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Twenty-two Years Ago

- I was lying in a hospital bed [and had been there for almost two weeks] with only conversation with C. for entertainment [not that he's not entertaining - it's just THAT'S ALL I was allowed - no visitors - no television - no sunlight - no fun; not that I was feeling up to having any kind of fun anyway...] and we were discussing: 1) that my doctor had gone on an extended fishing trip leaving me stranded in the hospital and 2) we were TIRED OF WAITING and WANTED A BABY! So we made a plan that when Doc H came into my room the next day C would block the door and not let him out until he agreed to induce. And, Yippee! It worked! Of course Doc H looked a little concerned when C stood up and said, "You can't leave yet..." Twenty six hours later our first little bundle of joy was welcomed into the world!

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