Sunday, June 29, 2008

Independence Day

And we have a busy week scheduled - but took some time to go out to the air show and see the Blue Angels. We've always loved seeing them on TV so can you believe we've never seen them live ?
- after living in Mobile for four years?
[they train in Pensacola, less than an hour away.]
And while we were out enjoying the sunshine [really, although it was 90*+ there was a wonderful breeze and we were very comfy sitting in the shade] we saw a little family of killdeer. Mom [in the middle] was doing all she could to distract me from her babies, but they didn't realize they needed to cooperate and began running around like crazy on those spindly little legs. Very cute...And gaining their own independence -
So Happy Independence Day everyone!
I'll probably not be back before then - C and the boys have headed to Camp War Eagle, I work in Birmingham ALL DAY tomorrow and will join them at Auburn tomorrow night - then I work in Montgomery ALL DAY Tuesday. C & I will head back to Huntsville that afternoon and the boys will be back later in the week after doing some things with the Baptist Campus Ministry. We're off on Friday and have fishing and family reunions planned for the weekend.
I'm thinking it's apple dumpling time!

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Nnairda's said...

Hope you have a happy 4th! Love your photos. You did an excellent job!!!