Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I want to share how blessed I am to have my sweet husband in my life. Not only does he tolerate my cranky moods and indulge me when I’m feeling sick or silly – he’s my rock here on earth, the one person I share everything with without reservation or tempering. [And I’m sure there are moments when he wishes I would tone things down a bit before sharing.] He is, quite simply, my very best friend. And I’m always amazed that he loves me so completely.

He’s a great guy who has a servant’s heart and enjoys helping others, whether strangers, friends or neighbors. And especially family – I know he’s willing to do anything to make our lives happy. He’s a great handyman and does little things that brighten my day – I still enjoy the light he put in my closet after we moved a few years ago, – and the shelving in the pantry, - and the ceiling fans in our den and bedroom, - and our covered patio area he built, - and our fire pit deck he constructed, and, recently, the light in our dining area. [And so, so much more…] He’s a great mechanic too and keeps all of our vehicles in good repair – keeping up with maintenance and oil changing and all those things that I really don’t think about much. And he’s pretty good at assessing the needs of appliances that may go awry and taking the steps to repair them as well. [The vehicles alone could be a full-time job…] He budgets our money and time well and ensures that we live a life of enjoyment.

He’s a great dad and continues to be a wonderful partner in parenthood as we move into this new stage of being parents of young adult children. Through the years he’s given tons of time to sports, church, band, and school activities to support o
ur boys as they’ve grown and learned, but more importantly to share these opportunities with them and simply be with them. I often feel he’s a better parent than me, beginning with giving our first newborn his first little shower [while I was recovering from 26+ hours of labor!] to patiently teaching them how to drive a car, to always, always discussing options with them as they make choices that affect their lives [from consequences of not doing required school work to whether to get a tattoo] and then letting them make their own decisions.

He’s one great dad, partner in life, husband, and friend. And I love him more today than 25 years ago when we were so busy planning our wedding during the summer of 1983. Love you baby – Happy Father’s Day!


Photo Buffet said...

What a sweet, heartfelt tribute. I feel the same about my husband. In November, we'll celebrate 37 years. It's a beautiful thing to grow old(er) together. :-)

Adriann said...

Wonderful tribute! We are still in the honeymoon stage, so it's nice to see it really does get better with time.