Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally ----My “Off the Page” Challenge

-so fun! so big! so good to have it completed! [But seriously, once I got started I completed it in less than two weeks -- working a few nights and weekends. –Part of the process for me is viewing and pondering it for a few days…] I’ll share the finished project in a few…
But first some background – I’ve had the idea of using an old door as a way to display some older photos for quite some time. [Wanted to do a collage-like art piece with photos of the boys divided into ‘pre-school, elementary, middle school, and high school’ years] and hang it in the playroom. But once I got my photos all divvied up according to the Library of Memories system I kinda didn’t want to use them that way afterall. [This project is in the back of my head still, and the big blank wall is still there in the playroom, so who knows what the future might hold.]
So I’ve had this old door we’d picked up at the Habitat Re-Store just waiting to be used, as well as a HUGE blank wall in our dining area. Combine that with my desire to display four of our family portraits through the years and add an ‘off the wall’ idea I found once again when going through an old scrapbook magazine, and voila! My New Project had begun!
Steps to completion:
1. Sketch out idea [think of it as an expanded two page 12x12 layout.]
2. Gather materials: door [or other large background piece,] sand paper, paint, fabric, chipboard, chipboard letters, wallpaper, tools, etc.
3. Prepare surface [remove hardware, sand, and paint, remembering that there’s no need to use paint on the parts that will be covered by fabric or paper.] Re-paint if color is not exactly what you want – lol…I decided it need to be the EXACT color of the walls in an adjoining room so found leftover paint and did a quick re-do…
4. Cut and iron straight crease lines on background fabric, trim wallpaper to needed measurements to frame fabric [I determined this once I began placing each piece on the door; fabric: apx. 24 inches wide and wallpaper border apx. 4 inches wide for this project.] Wrap edges over the top and bottom of door, adhere to door with spray adhesive, and staple the edges [both top and bottom] down on the back of door.5. Trim wallpaper to fit your printer and print quote, being sure it dries thoroughly if it’s a slick surface [touch-up with perm. marker, if needed.] Cover chipboard letters with wall-paper [use a glue stick,] trim the back with craft knife – I LOVE the ease of this – love the look too. Adhere to background [I ended up using some strong glue that C. provided - a glue gun just didn't hold it.]
6.Photo Mat:
    1. Cut leftover chipboard [the thicker, the better] to desired height [10 inches for this project], using strong tape [packaging]- tape together along each seam until you have desired length, being careful to keep a straight line along the top.
    2. Lay on TOP of the back of desired fabric, bring edges around the top and bottom and iron to crease. Crease and iron both end edges also.
    3. Adhere top edge of fabric to the back of chipboard using spray adhesive and tape along the top edge across the back of mat.
    4. Turn right-side up and put in position. Lift fabric up and staple cardstock onto the background piece all along the top edge [this should hold it securely in place once hung on the wall.]
    5. Pull fabric down and tuck under bottom and side edges. Gently lift and apply glue to adhere to background.
7. Photos:
    1. Print photos ½ inch larger than chipboard or canvas backing.
    2. Adhere with adhesive, trimming and folding edges around chipboard / canvas.
    3. Adhere to fabric photo mat using strong glue.
8. Attach hardware to background piece for hanging.
9. Hang on wall as desired. We used the hinges on the door [top edge] and folded them underneath and secured to studs in the wall.
10. Enjoy! And one last photo to show our new light in the dining area: When we moved into our house FIVE years ago [does it seem that long ago?!?] I decided to divide the large living room into a dining / living area and use the dining room as a small den. We love this layout and the flow it gives our home. BUT! This left the dining 'area' with no light - and we didn't want to wire one since it's really not the dining area - but just a part of the living room. So for a while I've had a lamp in the corner and and a real candelabra overhead. [Not very good lighting...] Have always wanted a large drum shade for the light - and have been looking in thrift stores for the past few years. Well - yay! Found one this spring -- and then C and I bought a light fixture at the Habitat [Re]Store and he wired it up and secured it to the outlet that turns off / on at the two switches in the room. I LOVE THIS! And am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who not only says okay to some of my crazy ideas, but also helps me implement them!


Emily Falconbridge said...

awwww cool!! love that you did this on an old door - what a beautiful display for your home :)

Cindy Lee said...

oh my goodness! what an awesome project and the results are fantastic! GREAT job! love it, Cindy Lee