Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break 2008

Some quick highlights -
** we flew from Atlanta to San Diego to see some sights and enjoy time with our boys [we're really at that stage in life where every trip 'may be the last family vacation...'] - Took over an hour for our luggage to be ready... go figure...
** enjoyed staying in old town [but i can honestly say i've seen my fill of mexican day of the dead stuff.]
**Enjoyed the sunset in La Jolla [LA HOY-YA - for all you southerners out there...] and the seals were an unexpected surprise too!
Tuesday -
** Balboa Park and The Zoo - tons of fun! i've loved koalas my whole life so to see one so active was just the best part of the day for me.[remembering how to use my backflash was also pretty neat!] The whole park was gorgeous and alive with with flowers! [lots of photos of those that could turn into a complete mini scrap book!]
**We enjoyed the science center as well...
Wednesday -
**San Juan Capistrano - we may have seen ONE swallow - but were assured that by the end of the week there'd be plenty back in town!This bouginvilla [sp?] was just toooooo beautiful!
** Oceanside - let's just say the beaches are very different from the gorgeous white sand of The Gulf. It was VERY cool - weather wise, so it was neat to see the fire pits along the beach - and the surfers too!
** By the end of the dayI was becoming really - really sick - afraid I was getting THE BUG that so many at home have had - but afterwards believe it was just an overdose of POLLEN.
**DisneyLAND - and let's just say that once you've seen THE WORLD - there's little comparison. It was fun to see and experience, but 'ole Walt had no idea what he'd created when he started this little park. [FYI- disney land is right in the middle of the city, the streets lining it look like panama city in the 60s and 70s --pre-condos-- and there were even migrant workers picking strawberries in a field right across the street!] After seeing Disneyland, I can really appreciate how Walt pre-planned to make TheWorld all it is to enjoy.
**I tried to do some shopping at the downtown Disney area, but couldn't make it - scrubbed all the plans for the day and the boys enjoyed some time without us while i spent the next 20 hours or so in bed with serious sinus problems...my voice was GONE and when I could speak i sounded like a croacking toad...still do to some degree... [Edited to NOTE: It is a BUG!!! Craig is all too sick now. Praises that neither of us were sick on the plane - and please pray with us that the boys don't get it too - although I think Drew had a bit of it back in January...]
**Drew met up with lindsey [a friend from freshman year] and they hung out a bit
**craig found a 'character outlet' for discounted disney stuff and got a few fun things
Saturday --
**HurRAY for HOLLYWOOD - not sure any of us had a real agenda for the day - other than to say 'been there - done that' so we had a fun day on hollywood Blvd,.
**Also driving through LA, seeing little italy, little japan, and YES! little ethiopia [who knew?]
** Went to the farmer's market [where it's believed walt first drew up the plans for disneyland while sitting there drinking coffee - so -- if there was ever a doubt -- now you KNOW i am a true disney fanatic!]
** Enjoyed seeing the stars on the sidewalks and the hand / foot prints at the theatre
** Bought a fun little painting from a guy on the sidewalk - he was painting with spray paint [now, you know HE enjoyed that -- all. day. long] and pressing papers / magazines, objects on it and forming the painting from the relief effect. LOVE IT - and am happy to say that it made it home safely packed in my suitcase... [may add a photo of it later...]
** Shopped at ThePaperSource - the store i've heard a bunch about from on-line friends. It was fun - and if you love hand-made papers - there's a TON to choose...bought some book-binding tape, scrapbook fun stuff, etc.
** and while we'd eaten mexican for almost every. single. meal. - we found what we called a mexican waffle house -- for tonight's meal - and it was, according to the guys [as my appetite had been GONE for several days], the. best.yet.
** Worshiped at Saddleback Church- pretty cool, but much-much too big for us [and we thought we went to a large church! lol - they have over 3,000 small groups!] A wonderful way to start our Easter Sunday and praising our Lord for all He's done for us!
** The BIG SURPRISE - we weren't sure if we'd be able top pull it off bc of our timing, it being Easter, etc. but Craig had given the boys a little hint Saturday evening that we had something fun planned for the next day. After church he called and confirmed and we were 'on' for 2:30 -- they just couldn't figure it out and kept begging us to tell them - that was part of the fun for us too!
** We did a segway tour of coronado island - this was just the coolest thing - EVER!!! We love these things! We were on them for about two hours and saw both tourist & residential areas [this island is really too gorgeous to put into words...] A fun ending to a great trip.
** Headed to the airport and flew out about 10 p.m/
Monday --
we arrived back in Atlanta at 5:15 a.m.Eastern, that's 4:15 our time, and 2:15 a.m. california time - so we've been napping most of the day and while it's well after 1 a.m here, i still feel like it's only 11 or so... tomorrow will be hard day...

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Terrillyn said...

Wow! It looks like you had a wonderful time. It almost makes me want to visit CA. those little Segways look like a ton of fun!

Hope everyone is feeling fine again.