Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back from DC

and we had such a nice and refreshing time traveling and being together! A really good weekend - we enjoyed going to The Mall and strolling through Natural History. Then I headed to Scrap Bowl each day while Craig explored the boat show and the wharf and some really neat flea markets. I was a little jealous and wishing I could do those things too - but Scrap Bowl MORE than made up for it! We did get to one thrift store together - just love all the neat finds in those places - and I found a wonderful little case with nine large drawers and six smaller drawers - all clear - and just perfect for the scrap desk! AND it made it home okay packed tightly in our luggage!
I'll post photos of this and other fun things later - but for now - I gotta say - I love capturing splashing water in photos and couldn't resist playing with photos of these birds bathing at The Mall.

Click on the photo to see it larger and you can really see LOTS of water droplets everywhere! FUN! I have more, but I'll spare you for now....

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samlamb said...

Wow, Judy that photo is great!
Thanks for sharing. I just got a new camera but haven't had time to play with it yet. You make me want to really bad!