Friday, December 14, 2007

Women's Dinner Photos - CONTEST!

Last night I had the privilege to hear a word from a woman who has suffered greatly for our Lord, yet she stands and says, without a doubt, – Our God is Faithful!
Read more about Carrie McDonall here.

It was all a part of our Women’s Christmas Dinner at church – where different ones sign-up to decorate the tables for others to enjoy. Always Awesome! Always fun! So happy to be a part of this since I’ve missed it the last couple of years due to working out/town. I’ll share a few photos, and thought it might be fun to try a little something new –

can you guess which table I decorated?

[Click on photos for a larger view.] Leave a comment before 6 p.m. [central] Tuesday the 18th and I’ll draw a winner from the correct answers! Put your thinking caps on and spread the word – the winner will receive our awesome December kit!

Note: edited to give each photo a number.


and 11


~ScrappieJackie~ said...

My vote is for the 8th picture down...the one with the two large standing up snowmen...tho they are all BEAUTIFUL~! =) JackieAnn~

Pam at Paper Scraps said...

I love #9. It is the elegant tree shape with the snowflakes hanging on it. It is so simple and elegant.

Adeana said...

I believe that it is the second has Christmas presents on it :D

Cindy Lee said...

All of the tables are just beautiful, but I choose #7 as my vote for yours - with the absolutely gorgeous ceramic looking Manger scene as the centerpiece! Blessings, Cindy Lee

Anonymous said...

My vote is for #8. They are all amazing, but knowing you like snowmen, I was torn between 8 & 10. But I will choose 8.

Melinda AKA medialady said...

I vote #2 since you are the "artsy crafty" type (but I love them all!)

Ashlee from Above Rubies said...

My vote is for #10. I love snowmen and it is gorgeous. All the tables are wonderful

Terrie said...

I think you did number 9. Looks like something a scrapper would do. Love the idea. May use it myself at home.

Marci said...

They are all gorgeous and I LOVE that they are all unique! Numbers 3, 5 and 9 are jumping out at me as possible "Judy" tables but if I had to choose one...I guess I'm going to go with #3!

Lisa J. said...

Something tells me #3.

vicki said...

I vote for #2.
I think it looks great.
I hope I am correct.

Anita said...

I think #2!