Monday, November 5, 2007

Trying to sloooow down

That's what I've been told to do by two [3-?] different doctors. But you know it's not so easy to do since I've been going at a frenzied pace for about six months now. My body is telling me I must slow down - and I've been checked [and double-checked] and there's absolutely nothing wrong with me. So Friday my director gave me permission to stay home and relax - and I did! I sat out by our fire pit most of the day - just reading - and journaling- and praying - and pretending to be camping... very nice.

And Drew was home for the weekend so we had a nice relaxing Saturday and Sunday too - with a little time for some photos:
And I've taken a little time to scrap -- with paper - something I hadn't done in a few weeks. Very therapeutic for me. I've also been playing around with digital scrapping since I'm taking "Up and Running" with Jessica Sprague. It's been fun - and I know I'll incorporate some of the digital elements into my paper scrapping -and I HAVE enjoyed making the quick digi layout - but I know I'll always be a true paper scrapper at heart. Here's a favorite [the photos were taken with Craig's cell phone - so the pixels are low to start with.]:Been reading some nasty things about the Hall of Fame winners - 2007 - so I bought the book myself before making any judgements... what do y'all think? Some pretty awesome work in there - some pretty stringent rules to follow -- I'm toying with the idea of entering for '08. Even if it's never sent off - it would surely be a creative challenge!


Lisa J. said...

You do need to slow down Missy! I don't know how you do all that you do! I did buy the HOF book but wasn't blown away by much of it. I do like Mitchell and Kristinas work. I am really enjoying your digital pages.

Scrap Evangel said...

I took Jessica's Up and Running class, too. Now, I'm taking Now We're Rockin'. Are you taking it? I love her classes.