Friday, November 16, 2007

Ahhh Fall!

My favorite season!
And while we say goodbye to the last vegetables of the season [yes! I picked these peppers last night!] we also say hello to cool fall evenings, colorful mums, pumpkin goodies [not much for the pie- but love pumpkin bread!] , and leaves - leaves - leaves. I'll do my best to remember to share with you just how many leaves we deal with each year! We've been in this house four years now and have had such trouble keeping up with the 'leaf pick-up' days. Each year I try to make the effort to see when it's posted. Well, everyone in town must have the same issue because it's been in the local paper almost every day for the last month. Our pick-up week was last week and wouldn't you know it - not a leaf had fallen from even one tree on our street. Until THIS WEEK. Leaves are everywhere! Beautiful, crunchy, lovely leaves. I'll post some photos later. For now enjoy these pretty things I got from the 'mum man' for $1 a pot - any size! Today was a good day!
Tomorrow evening we're taking our annual walk through the botanical gardens with our camping buddies to start the holiday season. We'll head to Pizza Hut afterwards and enjoy a cozy time sharing together- hope you're weekend is fun too!

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