Monday, December 9, 2013

I've decided to NOT do a December Daily album

this year - I did one for several years and it was fun... 
but last year I took a little class from Big Picture Classes and 
it gave a list of things to document through the season with sketches to guide you... 
I did mine in a little hardbound children's book and it's a favorite of mine.
 I'll share more of it soon.
For now I'm just trying to take more photos throughout the the week - 
photos of everyday things...
 Like the banners at a favorite place to eat on our way home from Auburn / Montgomery...
[We took some furniture to Matt on Sunday and
I had a meeting in Montgomery on Monday --]
Or the Christmas tree near the parking lot...
[loving my new app for the camera on my phone -- abeautiful,]

 Here's the little gifties I picked up for friends 
I was meeting at our Women's Dinner at church -
 such beautifully decorated tables and wonderful speakers and music!
 And it was fun getting together with everyone! 
We don't do this often enough!!
I saw this white Christmas tree at Salvation Army and thought - 
why not do something completely crazy this Christmas?
[I've just NOT been in the mood for any of the holiday hoopla -]
 It made me get with it and get some Christmas out in the house -
 I'll share more soon!

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Frankie Brost said...

Lovely!! pics, tree, and beautiful spirit. though you're not into the hoopla you've managed to bring some sparkle to the season. thank you for sharing :-) xox