Saturday, May 5, 2012

Welcome to the Art of Wild Abandonment Blog Hop!

If you're doing the entire hop you just came from Carin Cullen
I want to start by saying how much I love learning from these two amazing women
- Junelle Jacobson and Christy Tomlinson -
both are so so sweet and uber talented!!
Go check out their websites at the links above -
This is one of the first projects I completed after enrolling in the 
Wild Art class - LOVE IT. I actually used it in my art journal - so fun!
There are a couple of things that I LOVE [LOVE-LOVE] about this class - one, that Junelle shares so freely her art journaling style 
[she makes it looks so easy - and gives you the confidence to just go for it!]
And two, that I learned [hands on, with a TON of video!] how to use my water color crayons
I've tried over and over to save this in the right direction - apologies --
And I'm hooked.

My crayons and sketch book go most everywhere with me now and 
I can get my art on in little moments of time no matter where I might be!
Again, apologies - photos were taken with my phone and sometime the droid doesn't cooperate...
I usually play in my sketch book and then move it over to my art journal before writing - 

Thanks Junelle and Christy!!
and thanks to you for visiting! I'll randomly draw from the comments and 
send out a little giftie Monday morning [US residents, please.]
To continue on the hop - click on over to Jeanie Dickinson
A great big thanks goes out to Claire Smillie for pulling this all together!!

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Soul House said...

Cute birds. Thanks for sharing

Carin said...

Yes, she is so generous with her teaching style! Love the birds!

cmcscraps said...

I really love your little birds! Cute Cute Cute!

Jenna said...

Your work is so pretty and whimsical. Thanks for sharing!

Claire Smillie said...

love, love, love your birdies! Sooo cute :) Your clothes line looks great too! Thankyou so much for joining in with us today

GCgirl said...

LOVE the cute cute birds esp! Nice work in this fun class :0)

Barbara said...

Cutie birds!

Stephanie said...

Your little birdies are so sweet! Love them!

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Thanks so much for sharing your art. I am so inspired from this blog hop!!! I just started the class and just found Junelle a few weeks ago and I'm SO inspired in so MANY ways!!

Gloria L. said...

It's all good!

Donna said...

Waving Hi Judy!!!! LOVE your birds, always have <3 It's been a fun class. See you later!! :)

Dolores Raml said...

Beautiful art, love how you used your watercolors.

Vicki, the GreenEyedLady said...

Your birdies are so cut! Thanks for sharing your art!

Vicki, the GreenEyedLady said...

Cute!! I meant cute not cut!!!

kelly hoernig said...

the clothesline and soft pastel colors of your artwork are very soothing to the soul - thanks for sharing!

Cheri said...

I also loved getting comfortable with the watercolor crayons. Your love birds are so cute!

Torri ;o) said...

your work is so fun, thanks for sharing!!

Mrs.C. said...

Love your birds. It sounds like you really enjoyed this class. I'm thinking about it. ♥

ashley:) said...

So glad to be apart of this hop with you! Thanks for sharing...

JanetB Designs said...

LOL! I have the same problem with my iPhone photos randomly turning sideways! Love you little birds, such cute pages, and I've learned to love my Neocolors IIs as well!

scrapncards said...

I love your birdies! Thank you so much for sharing.

Michelle said...

I do so love the softness in your work. I need to start bringing my sketch book everywhere too! I'm loving your clothes line and your journaling off to the side. Your birds, pots of flowers....all of it....perfect!

Nordljus said...

Lovely sketches, your birds are adorable!

Julia said...

Love, love your laundry line and little birds! Your colors are beautiful!